Maya Spirit Companions

The Way/Nahaul

Both the ancient and highland Maya today believe they have a spirit/animal companion. The ancient Maya called it their Way (pronounced ‘Why’, and the plural is “Wayob“) and the Maya today call it their nahual/nawale.

Spirit-companions take many forms like an animal (e.g., reptile, bird, jaguar), elements of nature (e.g ., rain, lightning, wind, fire), or important objects to the Maya.

Way spirit-companion
The ancient Maya glyph for spirit-companion – the left side of the glyph is a human face and the right side is a jaguar pelt.

Your birthdate defines what spirit companion you have and also explains your character traits.

The 20 Wayob are the 20 sacred calendar day signs.

Date: 27th January 2021

Tzolkin Date: 5 Lamat

Haab Date: 6 Sek

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