Maya Spirit Companions

The Way/Nahaul

Both the ancient and highland Maya today believe they have a spirit/animal companion. The ancient Maya called it their Way (pronounced ‘Why’, and the plural is “Wayob“) and the Maya today call it their nahual/nawale (pronounced nah-waal). The 20 Wayob are the 20 sacred calendar day signs.

Animal Ways painted on an ancient Maya vase

Spirit-companions take many forms like an animal (e.g., reptile, bird, jaguar), elements of nature (e.g ., rain, lightning, wind, fire), or important objects to the Maya. The glyph for spirit companion can be found below, the left side of the glyph is a human face and the right side is a jaguar pelt:

Way spirit-companion

Your birthdate defines what spirit companion you have and also explains your character traits.

Find out your Spirit Companion

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Date: 24 June 2021

Spirit Companion:  Lamat

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