Ok – Dog


These people are courageous, honest and just. They are good at solving problems and they make great guides when exploring new things.

They make successful teachers, researchers, explorers, doctors and lawyers.

The Maya word today in Kaqchikel word is Tzi.

Dr Diane’s sign is Ok, can you see any of the above that might fit well with her?

She is very happy to be Ok as she loves dogs and and her best friend and partner is Rufus below!

The Maya and their Dogs

The Maya lived alongside their dogs using them for a variety of proposes.

There were two main types of dog, the first being a short haired dog, who was both a trusted friend and companion and may have also been a guard dog. These are often seen on Maya vases as travelling with their owner.

The slideshow below shows examples of dogs seen in Maya art – they are usually walking underneath their owner who is being carried on a palanquin (litter).

These dogs were loved so much that we have found instances of where they were buried with their owner. It was believed that the faithful dog would continue to serve his master in the afterlife guiding him/her past obstacles in their path.

Below is a lovely example of a stone statue of a dog that was set on top of a burial and the Maya glyphs on the back state that this was the dog of the owner buried below, being a person who made and sold chocolate (chocolatier)!

Burial 1 of Structure F4-6, Tonina

The other type of dog was both hairless and barkless and was breed and fattened on corn (maize), to be later sacrificed or eaten.

The Hero Twins in the Popul Vuh sacrificed just such a dog before bringing it back to life to demonstrate their powers to the underworld gods!

Your Spirit Companion Bookmark

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