Muluk – Moon


These people like to live near water, be it the sea, rivers or lakes. They are strong, creative and imaginative. They are very passionate about what they believe in and will defend it greatly, whether it is for the rights of others, animals, family or friends.

People born on the day Muluk make great warriors, doctors and nurses.

The Maya word today in the Kaqchikel language is Toj.

The Moon in the Maya World

The moon was extremely important to the Maya and when they calculated the date they would also calculate the phase of the moon at that time and the length of the lunar month.

The moon goddess holding a rabbit seen on a vase (

The moon was associated with the rabbit in the Maya world. On the surface of a full moon, the rabbit is visible in profile and various myths accounted for its presence.

The goddess of the moon was a young and beautiful woman, and she is often seen sitting on the crescent of the moon, bearing a rabbit in her arms.

Moon goddess holding a rabbit seen on a vase (

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