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KS2 Class Workshops: Meet a Real-life Archaeologist and learn about the Maya and their Rainforest 

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Due to the ongoing uncertainty of Covid-19, school visits have been suspended for the foreseeable future, however, we are offering an online streaming service, which will include everything that a school visit entails along with a live question and answer session with Dr Diane.

In this way, whether there a local lockdown or rules regarding social distancing, children and teachers will still have the opportunity of seeing Dr Diane’s presentation, artefacts and being able to ask her questions in real-time. These videos can be watched in class, or at home on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. For more information about the online offerings click the book a workshop button below.

Primary school visits will commence, along with the online offerings, in September 2021.


Maya Workshops

“I just wanted to say that I thought your workshop was absolutely fantastic. You really provided value for money! It was exactly the inspiration the class needed to really kickstart our topic.  It can be quite a challenging class, but you really had them captivated and in fact even spellbound! They learnt such a lot but it also triggered their interest in all things Maya. Thank you so much again!”

Mark Handley, Holy Family RC Primary School, Bristol

Dr Diane visits schools all over the UK giving workshops. These KS2 class workshops usually take place in the morning and last until lunch (3 hours) or for the whole day if there are several classes and you would prefer a longer workshop per class.  Children carry out activities of historical enquiry and a large collection of Maya artefacts is available. There is also time for questions, as there are always many!

Artefacts the children will handle

The workshop includes an informal and interactive powerpoint presentation with images, audio and video clips of:

1. How archaeologists gain an understanding about the past from only the material remains
2. Some of the things Dr Diane has discovered and how she has used them to understand more about the Maya
3. Information about the rainforest and what it is like to work there
4. The magnificent achievements of the Maya in architecture, art, maths, astronomy, the calendar, writing and chocolate
5. Myths will be busted about the Maya, as there is much inaccuracy
6. The children will be handling and carrying out historical enquiry with a vast collection of artefacts
7. Children will learn how to calculate sums using the Maya number system
8. The earliest murals that have been found in the Maya area, which Dr Diane helped excavate will be studied
9. Finally, Dr Diane has created a real-time Maya calendar to help children (and teachers) understand the topic. Children will make their own, learn how to read them and then can use them for the next 52 years of their lives!

“Thank you so much Dr Diane for an amazing day yesterday. You were truly inspirational and have left all year 5/6 buzzing (children and staff!). The children have not stopped talking about it and are really excited about the topic. Today, they have been correcting a guided reading text (which I took off a teachers site!!!) and are most concerned that the information is wrong! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm, we couldn’t have had a more amazing start to our new topic.”

Louise Nicolson, Pottery Primary School, Derbyshire

Artefacts the children will handle

Aside from receiving a wonderful introduction to the Maya, the children get to meet a real-life archaeologist, which makes the experience quite unique! Videos showing Dr Diane trekking through the rainforest with all the amazing sounds also brings the rainforest topic to life for children.  Teachers come away with a good understanding of the Maya, as well as ideas for future planning. 

A wonderful thank you letter I received from a child at Castlemorton Primary School

“Hi Dr Diane, I wanted 2 say thank you for coming to our school and showing us all those amazingly awesome Maya artefacts and for answering not just mine, but everybody’s questions. I just wanted 2 thank u for putting so much time, effort (and probably money!) figuring out all those facts, going 2 creepy, deadly snake filled jungles just to let the world know more about the amazing (just like u) Maya! Thank u from all of us at Mayhill Junior”

Traditional Maya dress the children will try on

“Thank you so much for the wonderful day last week. My colleagues all agreed that it was fantastic and I told my head that you were by far the best visitor I’ve ever experienced in my many years at Lomeshaye. One of my boys said that it had been the best day he had had in year six so far!”

Ellie Payne, Lomeshaye Junior School, Lancashire

Presentations on the Maya

Traditional Maya dress the children will try on

Alternatively, Dr Diane gives a 90-minute interactive presentation to more than one class or several years together, discussing what archaeologists do, the ancient Maya and then my life as an archaeologist and my work on the Maya in the Guatemalan jungle. There is also time for questions, but not class activities or handling of the artefacts (only a selection is brought).


“Thank you so much for coming to share your wealth of knowledge about the Maya with our children. They were so enthused about the topic and are really excited to learn more!  The way you delivered the information and the resources you used were perfectly suited to the age group and you had the children in the palm of your hand for the duration of the visit.”
Kirsty Singleton, Lympstone Primary, Devon

Primary schools with more than one class studying the Maya

If you have more than one class, then Dr Diane can come for a full-day giving a workshop to each class (2 classes) or shortened workshops to each class (3-4 classes).

Alternatively, she can visit for half a day offering a combination of a shorter presentation to all classes together, followed by mini-interactive workshops with each class.

All the mini-workshops include handling and carrying out historical enquiry with her collection of artefacts. 

With more time, the children can make their own Maya calendar and learn how to work out the date in real-time, as well as learning how to calculate sums in the Maya number system.

A Visit by Dr Diane, tweeted by Newton Primary School

 “Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop with the boys! It was well-organised, brilliantly interactive and the boys left so inspired! I received an email from a parent this evening to say it was ‘one of the few times James has come home talking about something other than football! He was really inspired by the Maya talk and would now like to be an archaeologist if he doesn’t make it in the Premiership!’ I thought you would appreciate that one! “

Adelise Easter, Donhead Preparatory School, Wimbledon

Previous KS2 Maya Workshops

“May I just reiterate how utterly fantastic your visit was and how much the children got from it.”

Bradley Young, Homefield Primary School, Great Yarmouth

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2020 St. Mary’s CE Aided Primary School, Chipping Norton
2020 Kineton CE Primary School, Kineton
2020 Newbold & Tredington Primary, Tredington
2020 Birdwell Primary School, Bristol
2020 Hillcross Primary School, Morden
2020 Bushy Hill Junior School, Guildford
2020 SS Aidan and Oswald Primary School, Oldham
2020 Evelyn Street Primary School, Warrington
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2020 Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, Southport
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2020 Monkton Prep School, Bath
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2019 The Marist Catholic Primary School , West Byfleet Surrey
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2019 Gorse Hill Primary School, Swindon
2019 Hollymount Primary School, Wimbledon
2019 Applegarth Primary School, Northallerton
2019 Bengeo Primary School, Bengeo
2019 Radford Semele CE Primary, Leamington Spa
2019 St Mary’s RC Primary School, Stockport
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2018 Chiswick & Bedford Park Primary School, Chiswick
2018 Wellow Primary School, Hampshire
2018 Southborough Primary School, Bromley
2018 Lavender Primary School, Enfield
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2018 St Louis Catholic Primary School, Aylesbury
2018 St Teresa’s School, Wokingham
2018 The Grove Primary School, Cambridge
2018 Fosse Bank School, Kent
2018 Whitefield Primary School, Liverpool
2018 Gillibrand Primary School, Lancs
2018 St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Academy, Warrington
2018 Overleigh St Mary’s School, Chester
2018 St Peter’s Junior School, Nottingham
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2017 Temple Grafton CofE Primary School, Warwickshire
2017 All Saints CE Primary School, Lancs
2017 Rishton Methodist Primary, Lancs
2017 Woodfield Junior School, Wolverhampton
2017 North Leigh CE Primary School, North Leigh
2017 St. Ann’s Well Academy, Nottingham
2017 St. Giles CE Primary School, West Sussex
2017 Lomeshaye Junior School, Lancs
2017 Wormholt Park Primary, London
2017 Hollymount Primary School, London
2017 St. James Catholic Primary, Twickenham
2017 Carisbrooke Primary School, Isle of Wight
2017 Dovedale Primary School, Liverpool
2017 St. John’s CofE School, Essex
2017 Greenacres Primary School, London
2017 Harrold Primary Academy, Beds
2017 Ellington Primary School, London
2017 St. Paul’s CofE Junior School, Wokingham
2017 St. Robert’s Catholic Primary School, Harrogate
2017 Framfield School, Framfield
2017 Upton Westlea Primary School, Chester
2017 Black Boys, Primary School, Uckfield
2017 Prospect Vale Primary, Cheshire
2017 Newton Primary School, Chester
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2017 St. Thomas of Canterbury Primary School, Isle of Wight
2017 Malbrook Primary, Hereford
2017 St. Martins Primary, Hereford
2017 Iver Village junior School, Iver
2017 Mapperly Plains Primary School, Nottingham
2017 St. Winefriede’s Primary School, Cheshire
2017 Burnham-on-crouch Primary School, Essex
2017 Northway Primary School, Liverpool
Rainbow Montessori School, London
2017 Our Lady of Sion Junior School, Worthing
2017 Brookland Junior School, London
2017 St. Anne’s Stanley CofE Primary School, Liverpool
2017 Hertsmere Jewish School, Herts
2017 Middlemarch Junior School, Nuneaton
2017 Somerville Primary School, Birmingham
2017 Templewood Primary School, Herts
2017 Carpenters Primary School, London
2017 The Good Shephard Catholic Primary School, Northampton
2017 Alphington Primary School, Devon
2017 Petts Hill Primary School, Northolt
2017 Wolf Fields Primary School, Southall
2017 Faith Primary School, Liverpool
2017 Leys Farm Junior School, Scunthorpe
2017 Hampton Hill Junior School, Hampton
2017 Rotherhithe Primary School, London
2017 James Dixon Primary School, Kent
2017 Overleigh Primary School, Chester
2017 Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School, Southport
2017 Birkdale Junior School, Southport
2017 Windmill Church of England Primary School, Batley
2017 Rufford Park Primary School, Leeds
2017 Yeadon Westfield School, Leeds
2017 Abbotsmede Primary School, Peterborough
2017 Edgware Primary School, Edgware
2017 Oak View Academy, Winsford
2017 West Park Primary School, Wolverhampton
2017 Lomeshaye Junior School, Lancashire
2017 Wellington Primary School, Hounslow
2017 Donhead Prep School, Wimbledon
2017 Torriano School, London
2017 Westover Primary School, Portsmouth
2017 Devonshire Primary School, Surrey
2017 Melling Primary School, Liverpool
2017 St. Anne’s RC Primary, Crumpsall
2017 Scholes Village Primary School, Scholes
2017 St. Louis Catholic Primary School, Aylesbury
2017 St. Paul’s Walden Primary School, Herts
2017 St. Peter’s Junior School, Nottingham
2017 Riverside Junior School, Hebden Bridge
2017 Childwall Primary School, Liverpool
2017 Whitefield Primary School, Liverpool
2017 Bournehall Primary School, Herts
2017 Nevill Road Junior School, Stockport
2017 Beckley CE Primary School, Oxfordshire
2017 Mayhill Junior School, Hants
2017 Bathford Primary School, Bathford
2017 Bathampton School, Bath
2017 St. Cuthbert Mayne School, Surrey
2016 Old Ford Primary Academy, London
2016 Castlemorton Primary Schoo, Worcs
2016 Homefield Primary School, Great Yarmouth
2016 Bewick Bridge Community Primary School, Cambridge
2016 Hartsfield JMI School, Herts
2016 Hollymount Primary School, Cambridge
2016 St. Thomas Moorside School, Oldham
2016 East Crompton St. James School, Oldham
2016 St. John’s CofE School, Essex
2016 Manland Primary School, Herts
2016 St. John’s Upper School, London
2016 Broadoak Primary School, Ashton under Lyne
2016 Newton Primary School, Chester
2016 Milton Primary School, Staffs.
2016 Trinity Church School, Bath
2016 St. Ann’s Well Academy, Nottingham
2016 Leamore Primary School, Walsall
2016 Butler’s Court School, Beaconsfield
2016 St. James’s Catholic Primary School, Twickenham
2016 Mayhill Junior School, Hants
2016 St Cuthbert Mayne School, Surrey
2016 Stamford Hill Primary School, London
2016 George Tomlinson Primary, Leytonstone
2016 Birkdale Primary School, Southport
2016 West Park Primary School, Wolverhampton
2016 Brookland Junoir School, London
2016 Manor Field Primary School, West Sussex
2016 Huntington CP School, Chester
2016 Melody School, Chimaltenango, Guatemala
2016 La Inmaculada RC School, Arenal, Belize
2016 Chesterfield Primary School, Enfield
2016 St. Louis Catholic Primary School
2016 St. Teresa’s Catholic Primary School, Wokingham
2016 Richmond Academy, Manchester
2016 Hertsmere Jewish School, Herts
2016 Valley Road School, Henley-on-Thames
2016 St Peter’s Junior School, Nottingham
2016 Westover Primary School, Portsmouth
2016 Torriano Junior School, London
2016 Hamworthy Park Junior School, Poole
2015 Bransgore Primary School, Dorset
2015 London Fields Primary School, London
2015 Corpus Christi Primary School, Leeds
2015 Mapperley Plains Primary School, Nottingham
2015 Milton Primary School, Runcorn
2015 Newton Primary School, Chester
2015 Birkenhead High School Academy, Wirral
2015 Homefield Primary School, Great Yarmouth
2015 Linton Primary School, Derbyshire
2015 Weston Primary School, Runcorn
2015 Lympstone Primary School, Devon
2015 John Perry Primary School, London
2015 Butler’s Court Primary School, Beaconsfield
2015 Framfield CE Primary School, East Sussex
2015 Britannia Village Primary School, London
2015 Park Road Primary School, Warrington
2015 Whitefield Primary School, Liverpool
2015 St Oswald’s CE Primary School, Netherton
2015 Wellesbourne Primary School, Liverpool
2015 Ashton Hayes Primary School, Chester
2015 Harwood Meadows Primary School, Bolton
2015 Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Ashton-Under-Lyne
2015 Story Wood School, Birmingham
2015 Holmer Green Junior School, High Wycombe
2015 St Mary Magdalen’s Junior School, London
2015 Woodlands Primary School, Ilford
2015 West Park Primary School, Wolverhampton
2015 Brookland Junior School, London
2015 Birkdale Primary School, Southport
2015 Dovedale Junior School, Liverpool
2015 Hamworthy Park Junior School, Poole
2015 Beckford Primary School, London
2015 Wrotham Road Primary School, Kent
2015 Hertsmere Jewish Primary School, Herts
2015 Stapleford Community Primary School, Cambridge.
2015 Halley Primary School, London.
2015 Valley Road School, Henley.
2015 St. Cuthbert Mayne Catholic Primary School, Surrey.
2015 Torriano Junior School, Camden
2015 St Louis Catholic Primary School, Aylesbury
2014 Butlers Court School, Beaconsfield.

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