Global Learning with the Maya

Melody School, Guatemala

Melody School is a primary school that has been set up by Igor Xoyon to provide equality schooling to underprivileged Maya children in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. It is run purely by donations.

As I discovered when I visited, Melody School is a wonderful place for learning and playing!

I have raised funds for the school to have its own internet access and so children in the UK will be able to chat with Maya children via email, zoom or other platforms.

A guided tour of Melody School, Guatemala

Our children would love to get to know children on the other side of the world. I think it is a great way to get to know each other’s cultures and to bring us closer in every sense.

Igor Xoyon, Headteacher

Maya Charity – Chok Education

As the children need sponsors to support their education and growth, I have set up a UK charity for the school.

Your school can sponsor a child’s education at Melody School through their Project Chaqlaxel (meaning “little brother/sister” in their Mayan language).

Through your sponsorship these students not only are able to receive a solid education, but also daily nutritious meals and access to health care that the families would not have otherwise.

Chok Education’s goal is to expand the project each year to improve the lives of more children and families.

Children needing sponsorship

Your school could raise funds by having Maya themed events, such as a Maya hot chocolate sale or a chocolate bake-off, which Ixworth school in Suffolk held!

Meet Igor Xoyon

Igor Xoyon, the Principal of Melody School, is doing tremendous work for the children, providing high-quality education, healthcare and support (Learn more about Igor Xoyon, a real superman, from a teacher who visited the school in 2016)

“It is our hope that Melody School will eventually be able to cater to students from childhood through to adulthood. Thus creating future leaders in this needy community.”
Igor Xoyon, Principal

Feel free to print out the below to spread the word about this wonderful school!

You can also support Melody School by buying the Maya Scheme of Work!

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