Thank You’s from Teachers

“Thanks again for your visit. The whole of Y5 were so enthused by everything you delivered during your visit to Birdwell. When our current Y6 saw that you were in school, I heard many of them talking excitedly about your visit from the year before. You manage to engage them and inspire them so much for which we are very grateful for. We also linked on our home learning your website page for arts/crafts as an option for parents to dip into. We’ve had so many messages with picture attachments from parents to show us the things they’ve been doing at home (from your website suggestions) to support their Maya topic.

I just really hope I’m in Year 5 again next year so that I have the pleasure of having you visit our school and inspire the next year’s group as you have the past two. We are so grateful for your expertise and ability to inspire our children to learn. They have absolutely loved their Maya topic as a result of all of the resources and lesson plans on your website, as well as your visit to us.”
Sophie Dormer, Birdwell School, Bristol

“My daughter is a pupil at Birkdale Primary School which I believe you have recently visited.  I’d like to thank you, I can’t remember seeing her this excited about a subject before and I’ve definitely never seen her so keen to learn more about something.”
Matt, parent

“Just wanted to say that we absolutely loved Dr Davies visit today. It was inspiring! The presentation was brilliant and the children loved looking at all of the artefacts. What a brilliant introduction to Maya culture!”
Ben Hollick, St Gregory the Great Primary School, Cheltenham

“Please pass on my thanks again to Dr Diane for a fantastic workshop with the children this afternoon. The children really enjoyed the session. They were totally engaged and loved the artefacts and calendar activity. I learnt a tremendous amount and can’t wait to get stuck into our topic!  I’ve looked at the website resources in more detail tonight and they have really helped with planning, so thank you so much – I will be talking about this wonderful session to all the teachers I meet!”
Helen Overton-Smith, Sacred Heart Primary School

“Please can you pass on our huge thanks to Dr Davies for such a wonderful day on Thursday! We thoroughly enjoyed the morning and she was so good with the children, they especially loved the videos she showed of life in the rainforest – a huge thank you to Dr Davies for her time.”
Joanna Parsons, Westover Primary School

“I just wanted to say thank you again for coming to share your knowledge with our children on Tuesday – they are still all buzzing about it and the parents have said that they are talking about the visit at home with them.”
Liz from Edgar Sewter Primary

“Dear Dr Diane
I wanted to write and thank you for such a wonderful day on Friday. The children went home buzzing – and so too did the adults! Not only have you given us the best possible learning launch for our Maya topic, but you have inspired several of the girls to think about becoming an archaeologist in the future. It was really lovely to work with you and I very much hope that we can work together again in the future.”
Leigh-ann, Purbrook School, Hants

“Thank you so much for delivering such an amazing experience to the children today. They were absolutely captivated by what you were telling them and this was all down to your passion and enthusiasm for the Maya.  I and my colleagues also learned so much and we will most certainly pass on our enthusiasm to the children because of this. Thanks also for clearing up any misconceptions and for sharing all of your stories about your archaeology. It was an amazing day and we’d love for you to come back and do the same next year with our children. Thanks again.”
Dean and the Year 6 team at The Lanes Primary School, Nottingham.

“It was lovely to meet you today.  We would like to thank you again for a fabulous morning. The whole experience was just wonderful, the children were so engaged and I think you may have inspired a few future archaeologists! All of the children have commented on how much they enjoyed the morning and they certainly learnt a lot. We hope that we see you again soon; I will be in touch with photos of the children’s work in due course.”
With kindest regards, Sarah McEvans & the Year 5 Team, St. John’s RC Primary School, Manchester

“I currently homeschool my children and came across your incredible website. Thank you for these incredible resources! I am quite discerning of my resources and was just elated when I discovered your site. It will provide wonderful activities and deep learning opportunities during this study. Thank you!
Sheila Solis, Boulder, Colorado

“I have finally found a moment in half term to send you this wonderful work. My class created a codex with stories set deep in the rainforest, with you in a staring role! Then created biographies; the new pages on the website were so helpful, thank you. They were so inspired and the Maya topic has resulted in the best work from them all year!”
Ellie Payne, Lomeshaye Junior School, Lancs

“We all absolutely lovely your visit. As a first-time teacher of the Maya, it was perfect!”
Emma Ritson, Capenhurst CofE Primary School, Chester

“Many thanks once again for your efforts in making the subject so inspiring for our children in recent years.”
Susan Bush, Curriculum Development Leader, Torriano Primary School

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for this week for coming in to speak to the children.  They have really enjoyed making a start on their writing and I look forward to sending you an example of one.”
Rachel Wolman, Hertsmere Jewish Primary School

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for coming to visit our school last week. I was really impressed with the workshop you delivered, the quality of the resources and the ways you engaged the pupils. Without exception, they all thoroughly enjoyed the morning. They were obviously keen to show off their existing knowledge of the Maya to you, but gained lots of new knowledge of the course of the morning. They loved hearing about the life of an archaeologist too. Many thanks again. We will definitely be booking again for next year.”
Kathy Desmond from Borne Hall Primary School, Herts

“Your day has been talked about in depth and the children learnt so much. The opportunity to meet someone that can truly deliver with such passion and enthusiasm inspired them all. I feel that the experience has provided a springboard for their future studies in KS3, their appetite has been re-energised for this area of learning.”
Sharon Toone from Gomer school 

“Thank you for coming into school and talking to the children. They were fascinated to hear about your experiences with the Maya and your archaeological excavations! Thank you for your presentation and the artefacts you bought in!”
Izhar Khan from Sommerville Primary, Birmingham 

“We just wanted to say thank you so much for coming to our school this morning – it was such a fascinating morning and the children really enjoyed it.”
Becky Hayter from Bathford Primary School

“Thank you for such a fabulous workshop this afternoon! The children thoroughly enjoyed the session and are very keen to engage with the Maya further! I am also very keen to set up a link with the Melody School, as personally, I am always keen to set up international links between other schools.  Thank you again for the workshop.”
Emma Cross from Black Boys school

“Thanks so much for that and thanks again for coming in to speak to our Year 6s. They were all really inspired by your visit, especially some of our children who struggle to get enthused with anything in school.”
Anna Holland from St James’ C.E. Junior School

“I would like to thank you for taking the time as well as putting in so much effort and dedication to children’s education.”
Aphrodite Petridou from St Stephen’s CoE Primary School 

I just wanted to thank you very much for your visit to Wellow Primary School before half-term. The children loved learning more about the Maya and it was fascinating hearing about your job. The children have been really enthused to create their own posters, models, booklets etc. We are also working on masks so I will send some photos through for your blog in due course.”
Helen Armstrong from Wellow School

“I am writing to say thank you for the Maya Calendar activity and lesson! I am planning to use it with my 8th graders as we study Mexico, the Maya culture in particular.  Researchers like you are appreciated when you share materials with teachers around the globe. Thank you.”

Chrystal Abair, Eagleview Middle School in Academy School, Colorado

Messages from the Dr Diane’s CPD Workshops

I attended your workshop at the HA conference in May and just wanted to say thank you so much for inspiring me to choose the Maya for my non-European society unit. It was great to meet someone who is so passionate about their subject and who understands what teachers need to bring the Maya to life in the classroom. It really gives me credibility in the classroom…looking forward to purchasing your book- it’s been really tricky to find decent resources up to this point.
Selina King, Head of History at Holywell School, Bedford.

“Thank you. I really enjoyed learning about the Maya and about your role as an archaeologist”

“It was one of the best workshops I have attended. It was great to go to the British museum…a great and enthusiastic lecturer which filled us all with loads of ideas and enthusiasm with which to teach”

“…expert, first-hand knowledge, ways of using the topic in the classroom, making the subject fun and inspiring, seeing the artefacts in the British Museum”

“Having someone who has first-hand experience and such passion! It was great thank you!”

“The workshop has given me a much better subject knowledge and greater confidence in teaching the Maya, We also received a resource pack, internet links and contact details for further questions”

“I feel much more confident about teaching the topic than before the course, great – thank you!”

“The subject knowledge and delivery of Dr Davies – very engaging! I feel I have gained good subject knowledge, it was a great day, very useful and engaging”

“I learned loads about the Maya and have got lots of teaching ideas, thank you for today – you are obviously very passionate about what you do”

“Very informative, clearly delivered in an interesting way, super course”

“I feel a lot more confident about teaching the Maya than I did before I started this morning. It was a very interesting course and I did enjoy it”

“I was very impressed with your workshop, which provided so much more than I expected. Your dedication and passion was clearly evident and was the major strength as your teaching was clear and easily understood. It was also a very inspiring day”

“Very informative and so interesting. Thank you so much. Your passion for the Maya is infectious. I am looking forward to teaching this subject now and have a lot more confidence”

“It was fantastic – I am off to watch documentaries and read more about the Maya. Thank you!”

“I am feel very confident to teach about the Maya now, especially with all the extra resources given which we know are accurate!”

“The workshop was so informative – objects, pictures, museum trip -made it really interactive. I really liked doing the initial brainstorm and the wrap-up felt like I had really learnt something”

“Excellent workshop. Thank you very much, very useful workshop – invaluable!”

“I thought it was an excellent day and your energy and enthusiasm really carried the class. Thank you”

“Very informative and relevant to classroom teaching”

“Really loved the information pack! Great list of resources!”

“Absolutely fascinating – the lesson planning activity was great. It was wonderful for the workshop to be led by someone who is so passionate about making Maya history accessible and known about”

“Excellent value – a lot cheaper than other similar training courses”

“The day was broken-up well. Very interactive and casual – not ‘lecture- format and so maintained attention, good pace and resources. Very friendly and approachable”

“It was really brilliant. Thank you very much! I want to visit Mesoamerica now”

“Thank you! It was very informative and well led giving ideas/inspiration for transferring information given into the classroom”

“I would actually say that the workshop should cost more – it’s very worth the money”

“It was really useful! I would recommend this to other students/teachers”

“The content was vast but the key points used were excellent. The myths about the Maya were removed. I gained a new found respect for the Maya and their culture and the workshop was delivered in a teacher-friendly way”

“I feel like I could make a really interesting scheme of work for the Maya culture now”

“Inspiring topics for practical application, thank you for your time, a really enjoyable and inspiring day”

“To have someone so knowledgeable and approachable speak to us, also visiting the British Museum and having an expert explain the lintels there”

“It was nice to learn from someone with so much passion for the subject”

“Thank you for sharing your experience, it was very enjoyable and interesting”

“It gave a really good overall understanding of the Maya and provided a really good starting point. I feel like know some good main themes to explore further and I know how to break it down to reach as a topic.”

“Thanks so much! Excited to teach kids about Maya history!”

“Thank you, it was an excellent and informative day. I am glad I took the time to come even though it was in the holidays.”

“Fantastic workshop – Thank you”

“I’ve learnt so much and am excited to teach it now and have some great ideas for planning”

“Excellent for teacher subject knowledge and resources given. Great to see actual artefacts in museum and have them explained”

“Thank you very much for this inspirational and educative workshop, it’s been a pleasure”

“Lots of valuable information and handy resources”

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  1. Sarah Dring says:

    This website is amazing. I cannot thank you enough. It has been such an invaluable resource during our topic learning. The children have loved exploring your site. Many thanks from me and from my year 6 class.

    • Diane Davies says:

      Thank you so much Sarah for your message, you and your class inspire me to keep creating resources for schools. I am so glad you have found it of use. Enjoy teaching the Maya!

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