Maya Scheme of Work with Lesson Plans (Donation to Charity)


A Scheme of Work for the Maya (PDF), including 14 lesson plans and teacher notes. Written by Primary teachers who visited the Maya area on a CPD trip with Dr Diane.  All proceeds to to Chok Education, a charity supporting the education of Maya children at Melody School, Guatemala.


Scheme of Work on the Maya – A downloadable PDF – a link to the pdf will be emailed upon purchase.


  1. Maya Scheme of Work: Unit Overview (for KS2 in the UK or Grades 2-6 in the US)

Lesson Plans on

  1. Maya Rainforest
  2. Maya “Collapse”
  3. Maya Ballgame – Pok-ta-Pok
  4. Maya Cities and Architecture
  5. Mayan Languages
  6. Archaeology
  7. Arts and Crafts
  8. Gods and Goddesses
  9. Calendar
  10. Timeline and Maps
  11. Maths
  12. Music
  13. Writing
  14. Food

As a result of various CPD trips that Dr Diane undertook with teachers to the Maya area, a detailed scheme of work has been written on the Maya, which includes lesson plans and teacher notes  for teachers to download and use in their class.

This scheme of work is unique in actually being written by both a specialist on the Maya and primary school teachers who have spent time in the area visiting the ancient cities and spending time with the existing Maya.

In particular, Mark Woolley (Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC Primary School, Ashton-Under-Lyne), Richard Petts (Grindleford Primary School, Derbyshire), Jennifer Farmer (Aldington Primary School, Kent), Selina King (Holywell School, Bedfordshire) and Lisa White (Townend Junior School, Derbyshire).

All the proceeds of the sale will go to the Maya children at Melody School, Guatemala to support their education.


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