Artefacts Activity – KS2 Educational Video

£75.00 / 31 days

A virtual visit from Dr Diane to your school! Look at the wonders of Maya art and try your hand at being an archaeologist.

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This stand-alone video (trailer below) can be streamed for 1 month and can be used with any number of classes within your school. The video can be watched in class, or at home on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. For US teachers, these videos are for Grades 2-6.

You can choose the date you want to access the video when you are adding this to your cart.

Historical Enquiry with Artefacts (1 hr class time required)

Dr Diane displays over 20 artefacts from her collection. Children are quizzed on each one and answer what the object is made of, how it was used and who it may have belonged to. Dr Diane gives the answers for each object explaining how it was used in Maya life.


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