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What is the Maya Hieroglyph Below?


What is the Maya hieroglyph above and what does it mean? What connection does it have with Dr Diane and her work?

The answer can be found in her website, so do some researching!

Write your answer in the comments box below and the answer will be revealed next week!


It is the glyph – Ajaw, meaning king or ruler.

Pronunciation of Ajaw

It is also a day of the Maya sacred calendar, the Tzolkin.

People who are born on this day are courageous, honest and kind.

The connection with Dr Diane is that the earliest depiction of a king, with the word Ajaw, was found at San Bartolo, Guatemala where Dr Diane carried out her research.

Also, you will notice that Dr Diane’s logo – seen on the tab of every page, the top left of the homepage and in all the title pages of her online videos is Ajaw!

Well done for those who got it right!

Check back next week for a new question 🙂

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