Wooden Maya Calendar – Free UK Delivery


A work of art to be displayed in your home or used for teaching the topic.  The calendar is handmade. Free UK Shipping.


This beautiful calendar is the perfect tool to explain and understand the concept of time and timekeeping of the ancient Maya.

The calendar is handmade from 5 mm beech plywood and the glyphs are printed on transparent vinyl. The central disc is fixed to the base and the other four rings rotate around to line up with the numbers, days and month glyphs. Use the hardwood knobs to rotate the rings and work out a date in the Maya calendar.

The calendar is lightweight and easy to use.

Size: 32 cm x 1 cm

Weight: 2.4 pounds

Free UK Shipping.

Additional information

Weight 1.03 kg
Dimensions 32 × 6 × 32 cm