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Bookmark with information about your Maya spirit companion: what it is, your Maya day sign, personal character traits and jobs you would be good at.

Find out your Maya spirit companion

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Both the ancient and highland Maya today believe they have a spirit/animal companion. The ancient Maya called it their Way (pronounced ‘Why’) and the Maya today call it their Nahual.

Spirit-companions take many forms such as an animal (e.g., reptile, bird, jaguar), elements of nature (e.g ., rain, lightning, wind, fire), or important objects to the Maya.











One side of the bookmark depicts the ancient Maya day sign and spirit companion for your birthdate, how the sign is spelt and likely character traits for yourself.

The other side shows the Maya day sign again, what it is called in present day by the Maya and what careers you would be successful in.

Your birthdate defines what spirit companion you have, so to find this out just type your birthday in the converter:
Spirit Companion Converter

Have your class write down their spirit companion for you either for homework or in an IT session.

Discount available when buying in bulk for your class – you can mix and match!

Size: 14.8 cm x 5.2 cm.
Double Sided, Gloss


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Imix, Ik, Akbal, Kan, Chickchan, Kimi, Manik, Lamat, Muluk, Ok, Chuwen, Eb, Ben, Ix, Men, Kib, Kaban, Etznab, Kawak, Ajaw

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